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Train with us in confidence while building professional experience. Bungee Up's Instructor Certification Program provides instructional time under the guidance of a lead trainer. Our New Fast Track - ICP allows you to train in just TWO DAYS & become certified in less than 12 weeks! We supply all equipment usable for in studio training only. Apply below if you are ready to help others Be Fit & Fly!






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*Financing Available


Program Overview


Our Fast Track - ICP is designed for Bungee Up Instructor and fly coaches only. ICP will train and equip you in the niche field of bungee fitness. This program will provide you concentrated training and the instructional experience to instruct 3 levels of bungee fitness classes. Training may include skill sets, routine execution, assisting clients in proper use of equipment, muscle memory strategies and more. 



Trainees must either:

Complete our 6 week Lift Off challenge, with a satisfactory attendance of 3x or more per week prior to applying for  instructor/Fly Coach training. In the six weeks potential trainees must have participated in a minimum of 3-6 classes of each level.


Be a current unlimted member with satisfactory attendance of 3x or more per week for at least six consecutive weeks and have participated in a minimum of 3-6 classes of each level.

These required prerequisites is a must in order to build endurance for our proprietarty niche of bungee fitness; prior to adding the instructor methods. It is not possible for trainees to build endurance, learn skills sets and teaching techniques all within two days thus the requirement of the prerequisites. The information covered in our two day training is specific to our style of teaching and coaching.





Part 1: Two Day (10hrs) Training

  • Level-I
  • Level-1.5 
  • Level-II
  • Safety knowledge
  • Equipment knowledge

Completion of Training Certificate earned. Eligible for practical hours.


Part 2: (Pre-Req. Part-1)

  • 40 practical/hands-on instructing class experiences (Hrs divided by class levels)
  • Private Coaching (Fly Coaches)
  • Nutrition Training (Fly Coaches)
  • Consultation Training (Fly Coaches)
  • Private Party Training
  • Corporate Party Training
  • CPR Certification (*Additional Cost)

Completion of Bungee Certification earned.

Completion of Practical Instructing Certificate earned.


If you are selceted to train as a FLY COACH, upon completion of the additional training, you will be able to assist clients throughout their fitness journey aside from group classes. You will be able to conduct interviews, 1:1 private sessions and write RX plans to ultimately help clients to imporve thier results. This option also opens up extra income opportunities. Fly Coach Scholarships Available.


  • Flexible training schedule
  • Tailored bungee fitness curriculum 
  • Build real life bungee instructor experience 
  • Fun, casual, and enriching training environment



*Finacing options: Please contact us. Additional fees apply.

*Active auto-renewing membership holders must contact us to apply your BFF discount.

*CPR Certification is not included in the cost of ICP tuition. Vailid CPR Certification transfers are accepted and expempts qualified trainee(s).



Training:  Sept. 2nd - Sept. 3, 2022

11:00am - 5pm.



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