Bungee Up's Fit & Fly Crew welcomes you to the fun of fitness like no other fitness studio. This fitness model and unique studio is definitely something to experience!



Our Mission: 

Our mission is to support our client's fitness journey by bringing the fun to fitness and delivering our effective, extraordinary, and exhilarating workout disguised in a thrilling core & cardio intense Quad*A (acro-aerial-aerobic-Anaerobic) Proprietary fitness program.


Bungee Up was developed in early 2019 and established in 2020. We are the first 100% black woman owned bungee fitness studio in the United States as well as the first exclusive bungee fitness studio licensed in the state of Missouri and established in the Kansas City Metro Area. We are a small locally owned & operated business proudly holding a nationwide brand registered in the US Trademark Office. We began offering classes to clients in May of 2021 at our local temporary training facility in Blue Springs, Missouri and officially secured and began the buildout of our permanent studio space in August of 2021. We are passionate about bringing the fun to fitness and helping our clients level up their fitness journey. We specialize in both bungee fitness and bounce/rebound fitness of which both fitness models are executed on a bungee system and provides the fun you expect and the low impact workout you desire. Our proprietary Quad*A: 30-Works programming is unmatched and developed to help our clients not only learn to bungee, but build confidence, enjoy your fitness journey and create a simple path to ultimately accomplish your health & fitness goals.

About Our Equipment

  • We have chosen the best equipment for comfort, lowest joint impact efficiency, highest safety, and durability as well as delivering the most fun for your fitness journey.
  • Your workout is supported by our custom designed & reinforced aerial system.
  • Our custom designed bungee and rebound equipment is the best in the industry. Our bungee stations support and adjust to many different weights, shapes, and sizes. Our harnesses will hold up to 300+lbs and our rebounders (fitness trampolines) will support up to 440lbs.


Questions about Bungee Up?

We are here to help you get hooked and harness your fitness!