We empower prosperous women to enjoy and maximize fitness results in less time.

Join us to reclaim your time, unleash your innate superpowers and harness extraordinary health and vitality while Being Fit & Fly and soaring to new heights!

It's Fun & exciting

Including fitness in your daily life shouldn't be at the expense of fun. Staying intrigued and engaged in your journey is an important key to your success. 

It's camaraderie

Our health & fitness is an intimate subject, but we don't have to journey through it alone. Our B.F.F. (Bungee Fit Friends) community is the accountability and support you need.

iT'S achievable 

 No more guessing games and paralyzing gym intimidation of what to do! We guide you through the process and help you level up with confidence.


Bungee & Bounce are great low-impact, core strengthening, & resistance training cardio. Just 30-minutes = up to 1.5 hrs of traditional workouts! Plus our 1:1 conditioning & nutrition can expedite your results!

In this image displayed, the person on the left had multiple emotional, mental, and physical ailments. I hated, then & now, traditional workouts but love the benefits. So, I began to search for a creative alternative. As a mom of four stair steppers, I needed to focus on better self-care, thus, I reignited my health journey. When I first learned of bungee fitness, I was at my heaviest weight ever. Bungee fitness has helped me enjoy the process to a healthier me. With consistency, I hit a satisfying milestone in the pic on the right.


When you take this flight with Bungee Up, you can expect new heights as you become Fit & Fly.


Here's your chance to overcome your challenges.
Don't let fear descend your

Lift off.

xoxo ~ Coach K.

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no more grudgingly going to the gym!

You will find yourself eager to come to class!

  • Don't enjoy mainstream fitness? 

    • If you like the idea of flying, jumping, leaping & swinging; then our programing may be the perfect fit!

  • want low impact joint friendly workouts? 

    • If you enjoy the benefits of fitness but not the high impact workouts, bungee and bounce could be the solution for you!

  • Do you avoid treadmill gyms, bootcamps, etc.? 

    • Gym intimidation is real. Our small group classes and 1:1 sessions are a great alternative. 



We have developed our bungee fitness programing to specifically help you learn to bungee, build confidence, enjoy your fitness journey, and create a simple path to ultimately accomplish your health & fitness goals.

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Our proprietary Quad*A: 30-Works Bungee Programing is efficient and effective in helping you reach your goals.

No long gym days!

30 minutes works!

Get Hooked and Harness your fitness!!!

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Step 3

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We'll discuss which initial challenge option is right for you to launch your Lift Off!

 Perfect Fit Promise

We promise to celebrate you as you embrace & face the challenges of your journey. Fitting into the best version of yourself daily is actually the epitome of perfection and the only important measuring stick. Are you ready to invest and be the best version of yourself? Then you fit here, we promise!




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