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In the image below, the person on the left had multiple emotional, mental, and physical ailments. I hated, then & now, traditional workouts but love the benefits. So, I began to search for a creative alternative. As a mom of four stair steppers, I needed to focus on better self-care, thus, I reignited my health journey. When I first learned of bungee fitness, I was at my heaviest weight ever. Bungee fitness has helped me enjoy the process to a healthier me. With consistency, I hit a satisfying milestone in the pic on the right.

When you take this flight with Bungee Up, you can expect new heights as you become Fit & Fly.

Here's your chance to overcome your challenges.
Don't let fear descend your

Lift Off.

xoxo ~Kaela






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Launch your Lift Off to tone & loose weight, feel better, gain endurance for everyday physical activities, expand/regain your mobility, finally experience fun in fitness, and to create a new amazing life style!

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